10 Skincare Experts to Follow on Instagram

Whether it's hairstyles, the latest fashion or weight loss tips, you are guaranteed to find it on Instagram. Skin care is important to men and women alike, one of the first things we notice about a person is their skin, and for this reason, many people are plagued with insecurities about the condition of their skin. Whether it’s acne, dry skin, or more serious conditions, people want to know how they can overcome skincare issues. Instagram provides an open and honest environment for people to share their struggles with skincare. One of the major benefits of social media platforms such as Instagram is that it is now extremely difficult for companies to hoodwink consumers. Instead of paid advertisements, we now have regular everyday people providing reviews and opinions about products and brands. The majority of viewers are more likely to listen to someone who has actually used the product and experienced the advantages or disadvantages first hand. 

skincare experts

Whether experts, or ordinary people just wanting to share what works for them, there are thousands of women and men on Instagram who are dedicating their platforms to sharing information on how to ensure your skin is glowing, healthy and radiant. However, some influencers have made more of an impact than others. Here are 10 skincare experts to follow on Instagram. 

  1. Abigail James

abigail james

Abigail James is a skincare expert and facialist, she holds expert knowledge in the various holistic approaches to caring for your skin. By following her, you will find information on her personal skincare routine and tips for optimal health and well-being. She often holds live question and answer panels where she spends time answering your personal questions related to skincare.

      2.  Dr Sam Bunting

sam bunting

Sam Bunting has a passion for sharing her wisdom on skincare, she understands how bad skin can destroy your confidence and wants to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need for glowing, healthy and vibrant skin. She is a cosmetic dermatologist and specifically focuses on adult acne problems.


       3.  Kate Kerr

kate kerr

Kate Kerr is constantly researching the latest techniques when it comes to skin care. She is always sharing her finds on Instagram and talks about the latest ingredients that are either beneficial or harmful for the skin.

     4. Nichola Joss

nichola joss

    With a large celebrity following, Nichola Joss is an expert facialist and provides hot tips on how to get superstar glowing and radiant skin. She specializes in facial massage and uses Instagram as a platform to highlight her latest techniques. As well as massage, she also provides information on how to nourish your skin by eating the right foods and taking the best supplements.

           5. Dr Anjali Mahto


      Anjali Mahto is the author of “The Skincare Bible,” she is also a consultant dermatologist and is passionate about educating people on how to beat acne.

             6. Dr Stephanie Williams

      stephanie williams

        Dr Stephanie Williams is an expert in reducing signs of ageing, she provides routine advice and product recommendations that assist in anti-aging.

               7. Dr Justine Kluk

        justine kluk

          Dr Justine Kluk has worked for the NHS and now owns her own private practice. She has extensive experience in treating those suffering from rosacea and acne. Dr Kluk provides advice on the latest beauty trends, product recommendations, and she lets you know whether dermatologists are actually using the products they recommend for your skin.

                8. Chemist Confessions

          chemist confessions

            Gloria and Victoria are known on Instagram as Chemist Confessions. they provide reviews on the ingredients in the latest skin care products. They both spent several years working for a large beauty conglomerate with their focus on anti-ageing and active ingredients. They break down the complicated language often used to describe the ingredients in skincare products making it easy for their followers to understand. Their philosophy is to find what works for you instead of following the latest trends.

                     9. Yana Gelcream

            yana gelcream

              Yana Gelcream provides reviews on the latest products as well as simplify the ingredients. She doesn’t have a background in skincare but has a passion for it and has tried out just about every skincare product on the market. She’s an advocate for minimalism and believes that less is more, you don’t need to buy every product that comes out. Yana doesn’t just review products, she also reviews brands and conducts research into what the company stands for.

                       10. Natalie Smyth 

              natalie smyth

                Natalie Smyth uses her platform to provide skin care routines that help to get rid of acne. As someone who has previously suffered from acne, she talks about her own experiences with certain products, what works and what doesn’t. Natalie became passionate about skincare after becoming frustrated with the skin care products that claimed to be miracle cures but only made her acne worse or caused her skin to become even more sensitive. She started her journey on Instagram as a way of documenting the trials and tribulations of her struggle with acne and how through self-education, she managed to overcome it. 

                If you are experiencing skincare issues, why not check out these Instagram profiles and find out what they have to offer. This article has only just scratched the surface on the information they provide. By going through their individual accounts, you will have access to their insta stories, pictures and advice. Some even have YouTube channels where these influencers provide you with detailed information about skincare.

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