Basic Skin Care Routines For Different Climates

Regardless of the weather, you should have a good skin care routine in place to ensure that your outer layer remains healthy and glowing. However, it is important that you alter your routine to suit the climate you are in. Cold weather means low humidity, and this strips the moisture and dries out the skin. During the winter months, many people find that their skin becomes cracked, tight, red, rough and starts to peel. Also, certain skin conditions such as eczema flare up during the winter months. During the summer time the increased humidity and heat causes the skin to sweat which makes you prone to breakouts. The most effective way to combat your skin care woes during different weather cycles is to change your skin care routine. 


Skin Care Routine For Cold Climates

Facial Cleanser: Every skin care routine involves starting with a clean face regardless of the time of year. However, during the winter. You don’t want to cause excessive dryness; therefore, you will need to use a cleanser that hydrates and soothes.

woman skincare during cold

Moisturizer: According to experts, it is best to apply moisturizer to the skin when it’s still damp because this locks in the hydration. Once you have taken a shower, instead of drying off, apply moisturizer to your face and body and then leave it to seep into the skin. 

Hand Cream: Most people don’t pay their hands any attention, we pay more attention to our face because it receives the majority of the impact from cold weather. But your hands are also affected, not only are they constantly exposed to the harsh climate, but we are always washing our hands which depletes them of moisture. Make sure you carry a rich, thick hand cream with you everywhere you go as well as keep one by your bedside table. 

winter skincare

Soap: According to the Mayo clinic, a lot of soaps have the tendency to strip the skin of moisture. During the winter months, make sure you stock your shower and bathroom with hydrating, fragrance-free body washes and soaps instead of the harsh ones. 

Additional Tips For Skin Care in Cold Weather

  • Use a Facial Spray: Even though you might moisturize well in the morning, you might need a pick me up throughout the day. Facial sprays come in handy when you start to feel a bit dry, you can quickly apply a few spritzes. Be sure to look for one that contains coconut water and vitamin C. 
  • A Humidifier: Skin becomes extra dry during the winter months because it sucks the moisture out of the air. A humidifier replaces the moisture which will make your skin less dry. 
  • Exfoliate: One of the things that contribute to dry skin is excessive dead skin. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin, so make sure that you add this to your daily routine. 
  • Keep the Heat Down: Even though it’s cold, you should refrain from turning the heat up. Whether it’s in the car, your home or in the shower, too much heat can strip the skin of its natural oils. Instead, use luke warm water in the shower and invest in some warm sweaters to shield you from the cold when you are at home. 
skincare tips in cold weather

Skin Care Routine For Warm Climates

Mattifying Treatment: Warm weather can make the skin look greasy, to prevent this, always have a mattifier to hand, it will keep shine to a minimum by blocking breakthrough oil even in the hottest weather. 

Moisturizer: Get rid of your super rich moisturizer during the summer months and use a lighter moisturizer instead. They won’t make you feel extra sweaty or sticky. The right moisturizer will prevent your oil glands from being so active, soothe heat triggered skin issues and control uneven pigmentation. 

Exfoliation: Whether it’s summer or winter, exfoliation is a must; however, you should ramp it up during the warmer weather. The cold makes the skin dry and flaky, but the heat makes the skin less sensitive. Therefore, incorporate an exfoliating routine that will reduce the size of your pours and leave your skin glowing and healthy. 

Summer Serum: With all the humidity and the heat, layering on creams is not ideal. Serums provide a lightweight, power-packed alternative for a great boost to the skin. Serums have got all the benefits of the rich creams you are used to applying during the winter months, but they are crammed into a concentrated liquid formula. Search for products that contain antioxidants, you can either wear it alone or apply it under a lightweight moisturizer, your skin will love you for it. 

serum for summer

Your Eyes: Summer sunshine isn’t kind to the delicate skin around the eyes. This area is known to get sunburnt easily which then causes premature wrinkles. Use a targeted eye treatment to provide additional protection around the eye area. 

Break Outs: As much as we like the sun, it can cause breakouts because of the increase in oil production. On top of that we are dealing with skin irritants such as sweat and oil production making the skin the perfect breeding ground for pimples. Your skincare arsenal during the summer months should also include a spot treatment so you can target those zits as soon as they arrive. 

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