Best Cream for Dark Spots on Face for Mothers Day 2019

When you look around at what is available in skin care ranges, it can be difficult to decide which items you should either purchase or use yourself. When you are then looking at choosing something as a present for your mother, then the stress levels associated with it are only going to increase quite considerably.

However, there are several key points to take into consideration before you go ahead and make your choice, and we are going to make life significantly easier for you.

dark spots on face

Best Over the Counter Cream for Dark Spots on Face

best cream for dark spots

When it comes to trying to understand the best over the counter cream for dark spots on face, there are several things to take into consideration. Of course, you always need to remember that our skin can be different as some are oily while others are dry or more sensitive. This is something that has to be kept firmly in your mind when making your decision.

In saying that, what kind of products will actually reduce these dark spots on your face? What kind of ingredients will prove to be highly effective at helping deal with this problem?

Products with Vitamin C.

vitamin c enriched cream

Products that contain Vitamin C are going to prove to be your friend with the way in which they can help deal with all kinds of skin issues. One of these issues is helping dark spots on your face to fade away, and it’s all to do with the way in which Vitamin C deals with pigmentation.

Research has shown that it is very effective at dealing with blemishes and evening out your skin tone. It brightens and balances, so those dark spots are going to become less prominent over time. However, this is not something that will work instantly, but it has to be an absolute must when it comes to ingredients.


retinoid cream for dark spots

Retinoids are going to encourage new skin cells to grow, and it is also good at helping remove the old skin cells, which is also going to include those dark spots. By using this kind of product on a regular basis, it will mean you skin is going to look younger and fresher than ever before, and those dark spots on your face will become a thing of the past.

Retinoids do come in various forms, and if you want to get the most pure form then look out for Tretinoin. This is basically Vitamin A and it is used to help people improve their skin when they have suffered from acne. As it can help them to recover healthy looking skin, then the same can be said for anybody that has dark spots on their skin.

2% Hydroquinone.

hydroquinone cream

This ingredient is something that dermatologists around the world swear by when it comes to helping deal with dark spots on the skin. The key is to look for something that has up to 2% of this ingredient as that is going to result in you getting the best outcome possible.

This is actually a skin bleaching item, but of course it is used in a controlled manner. It is used for the treatment of skin pigmentation which is why it is something that you need to look at using when you have an issue with dark spots on your skin.

Glycolic Acid.

glycolic acid based cream

Even though the term ‘acid’ sends people into a frenzy, this does not mean that it is bad or anything of the sort. In fact, glycolic acid is used in a number of different skin care products, so it should come as no surprise that it is included in skin creams that deal with dark spots.

With this ingredient, it has both exfoliating and renewal properties, and that is where it is going to help in the fight against dark spots. By encouraging the skin to produce new cells, while the acid effectively removes the old cells, it is going to gradually reduce the pigmentation caused by those dark spots. It is a simple process that does work, which is why it is such an important ingredient in these creams.

Azelaic Acid.

cream for dark spots

Yet another acid, but this one is also going to be on your side in your fight against those dark spots. This particular ingredient is not only capable of reducing inflammation in the skin, but it will also directly attack the causes of those dark spots.

It is even used to treat scars after surgery, acne related issues, and anything else that is going to alter your natural pigmentation. The cool part is that it does not do any harm to your normal skin, so there’s nothing to worry about.It will also reduce the production of melanin which is the reason for the appearance of those dark spots. By tackling it at source, you stand a better chance of it all being effective as a treatment.

Choosing Your Cream.

right cream for you

Finally, we want to include a few simple tips that we feel you should keep in mind when going to buy that skin cream for dark spots on the face.

First, look at where these key ingredients come in relation to the order on the package. The lower down it is, then the lower the amount of it that’s in the product and the less likely it is to work.

Next, check the small print to see if it states it is for certain skin types. Failing to do this could result in you making matters worse in other ways.

choose the right cream

Last of all, don’t be fooled into thinking that the more expensive a cream is that this equates to it being better. That is certainly not the case. Instead, do research on each individual potential option before making your decision. Trusting your own instinct is undoubtedly the way to proceed.

So, while the best cream for dark spots on your face should contain at least some of these ingredients, you will not find one that is going to include them all. However, the ingredients we have mentioned above are all capable of potentially helping you thanks to scientific research. Quite how much they will help is unfortunately up in the air due to our skin being so unique to us, but don’t let that put you off buying a skin cream for this very purpose as a gift. As you can see, knowing what is the best cream for dark spots on face is easier than you expected.

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