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Dermatologists Speak About Mature Skin Conditions

Wrinkles and lines are the most common elderly skin conditions. We share experts’ opinions on how to notice and treat them. After all, looking in the mirror and seeing the signs of aging creeping up on us is never something that we wish to experience. So, if there is anything that we can do to halt this in its tracks, then most of us will be all ears.

Skin Conditions in Elderly: Expert Talk.

By looking at what top experts say, we can then begin to advise you on the things that you need to do in order to either prevent these mature skin conditions from developing or how to stop them from becoming worse. Of course, by looking at several problems and solutions it does mean you will be required to spend time identifying which solutions work best for you.

The Causes of These Skin Conditions.

First, let’s begin by looking at the most common causes of elderly skin conditions. After all, if we can identify the causes we can then look at tackling how to cure them in a more productive manner.

Drop in Collagen Production.

uv damaged skin le fair

As we age, our body starts to produce less collagen and that will then lead to sagging skin as it loses its elasticity. Collagen is the thing that effectively holds our skin together and it is the dermis layer that plays this particular role. By losing some of its strength, it opens the door for the potential development of a number of issues.

UV Damage.

UV Damaged skin in Old Aged Women

As we mature, there is a build-up of UV damage that has been caused by being exposed to it for decades. However, with this, we are not talking about you sitting out in the sun. Remember that UV light is around us every single day and even when the sky is covered in cloud.

UV rays damage the structure of our skin and can even alter the individual cells. It effectively weakens our defences leading to an increase in damage caused by free radicals.

Poor Absorption of Nutrients.

Healthy Skin

If our body starts to develop issues with absorbing nutrients, then this is something that can eventually show in the appearance of various skin issues. We need certain vitamins to have healthy skin, so if your body is unable to absorb the likes of Vitamin A, C and E then this is not going to be a good thing to happen.

This issue has been linked to the development of skin rashes, scaly skin, it looking somewhat dried out, and it can also take on a sallow appearance. At this point, you may require supplements to boost your vitamin and nutrient intake in order to then improve your skin.

The Main Skin Conditions to Be Aware of.

There are a number of other potential causes of elderly skin conditions, but what kind of things do we need to be looking out for?


Xerosis in Old Women

Xerosis can often be described as a skin condition whereby the skin takes on the appearance of cracked porcelain. It will often affect the trunk area or hands. The skin will become somewhat dry and will develop cracks.

This condition is caused by the reduced ability of the skin cells to hold water. They then become rather dehydrated leading to the development of this rather distinct appearance.



Pruritus is often characterised by the feeling of needing to scratch at your skin and also the upper layer of your skin appearing to be somewhat inflamed. Indeed, pruritus is regarded as being the most common form of skin conditions in the elderly and it does appear in a number of different ways.

The itching is often linked to the production of histamine in the body and it is widely believed that pruritus will accompany some other underlying problem that needs to be addressed. This can include the likes of dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis where the itching and inflammation are mere signs of something else that has to be cured first.

Eczematous Dermatitis.

This condition will tend to appear as patches of what can only be described as scales on the lower legs. However, some people may develop them on either their trunk or hands.

The problem with this form of dermatitis is that the lesions it produces can then become infected, so great care must be taken to make sure that this does not develop into a problem. The main concern will be in preventing infection while also treating the form of dermatitis using medication.

Stasis Dermatitis.

Stasis dermatitis may arise if an individual has developed varicose veins. The dermatitis will appear around those areas where there is already a problem. This version may lead to the development of a brownish color in the area and this can then lead to a potential problem with ulcerations and the development of patches of dry, flaky skin that can appear across the body even though it originates in conjunction with another issue.


Purpura skin care tips

Purpura is basically a skin condition whereby the individual is suffering from a number of small blood vessels in the skin breaking and blood pooling in small drops. While it may sound horrific, it is often caused by certain medication usage as we mature leading to a problem in the platelets within our blood. Also, as we age, our blood vessels lose some of their structure which then explains why mature people bruise more easily.

As we said earlier, this doesn’t include various infections or the development of autoimmune related diseases such as lichen planus or just the general degeneration of the structure of the skin. While we can do certain things to reduce the chances of these things happening, it will prove to be somewhat impossible to stop them. After all, we have all had instances where our skin becomes dry, flaky, or some strange rash develops. It’s part of being human and the way in which we come into contact with so many chemicals each and every day.

Dermatologists understand that we will indeed become more susceptible to these conditions as we age. By taking some time after reading this to go and see what they say about helping to prevent or largely cure these conditions, you can begin to take the relevant steps required for the sake of the health of your skin.

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