Expert Guide To Skincare In Your 40s

Skincare over 40 – A Dermatologists Guide

40 is a milestone age that seems to creep up on us. It seems that one minute you’re young and have smooth, glowing skin and then suddenly you’re 40 and have wrinkles that are starting to become more and more obvious.

As you get older, your skincare routine needs to change, this is because your skin becomes weaker, less elastic, dryer, and thinner. Keeping the same skincare routine for 15 years would be like keeping the same diet once you find out that you can’t have gluten anymore! You technically could do it, but it isn’t the best idea!

With that in mind, here are a few tips for taking care of your skin once you’re 40.




As you get older the circulation to your skin gets worse, dropping 40% between the ages of 20 and 70. Exfoliation not only helps to remove any dead skin that may cause roughness or dryness, but it also promotes better circulation to the skin which can help to reduce wrinkles and add colour to your face.

There are two types of exfoliators that you can use, traditional scrub and liquid exfoliator. A traditional scrub uses small granules that smooth out rough areas whereas a liquid exfoliator uses acid to remove dead skin cells.

Both types of exfoliation have their merits so whichever type you use depends on personal preference, but you need to remember that over exfoliation can actually damage your skin, so try to aim to exfoliate 2-3 times a week.


Use facial oil

After spending so many of your younger years trying to reduce the amount of oil on your skin, it may seem odd that you’re now trying to increase the levels of oil in your skin! However, as you get older your skin will produce less oil and lose moisture as you age, so you need to help your body keep your face radiant and moisturized!

Face oils not only add extra moisture and nourishes your skin, but it also traps and seals in moisture. The added moisture can help to prevent your skin from looking dull, instead promoting a healthy glow! Plus, if it’s the last part of your morning routine, it can help to protect your skin from pollutants that you’re sure to encounter during the day. Facial oil isn’t limited to just one benefit.

How dry your skin is will contribute to how often you should use facial oil. If your skin is really dry then we recommend using a few drops both in the morning and at night, but if your skin is still quite oily then only use it once a day. Since it’s specially formulated, facial oil shouldn’t clog your pores, but it could leave your skin looking oily.

Use sunscreen


We don’t just mean if you’re going to an outdoor event, we mean every single day! Not the thick, gloopy SPF 50+ though, we’re talking about facial sunscreens that are a minimum of SPF 15, although SPF 30 is ideal.

Wearing sunscreen daily won’t just reduce your chances of nasty things like sunburn and skin cancer, but it can also help prevent your skin from aging!

Exposure to the sun causes up to 90% of visible changes that are attributed to aging. The sun weakens the elasticity of your skin and are the main reason why we get wrinkles, pigmentation and sun spots, so being proactive and using sunscreen means that you’re one step ahead!

There are so many different types of facial sunscreens out there that it may be hard to decide which one to use. Some double up as moisturizers, some are less oily, and some contain antioxidants. Figure out what your skin needs the most and then decide from there.



Use eye creams


The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin, so it helps to have a cream that is specifically tailored for it.

Your eyes can go puffy and red because of things like allergies, stress or lack of sleep. An eye cream that contains caffeine will make the blood vessels constrict, meaning that less blood can get to them which can encourage the blood to drain from the area.

Eye creams can also make dark circles from lack of sleep less obvious. They can make the skin less transparent which makes it harder to see the darkness under the surface, as well as encourage circulation to stop the blood from pooling around your eyes, which is what actually causes the circles.

Your eyes are the most emotive part of your face, so it makes sense to look after them!

Aging is unfortunately a part of life, and it’s impossible not to show that on your skin, but if you use some of the advice listed as well as maybe adding in a few things that you know work for your skin, you can look glowing and young for as long as you can! Not every product is right for every skin type, so make sure that you choose what you use on your skin carefully. Good luck!

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