Habits and Diet Plans of Women With Good Skin

If you want healthy glowing skin, what you put into your body, and the skin care habits that you adopt will help you to achieve this. All women have a favorite face moisturizer or treatment, this is all well and good, but beautiful skin starts by ensuring that your insides are well taken care of. Aging is inevitable, at some stage we are all going to grow old; however, this doesn’t mean we should speed up the process by adopting bad eating and other habits. The best approach to good skin is a holistic one, this involves consuming a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and a good skin care routine. In this article you are going to learn about the essential habits for good skin, and the essential diet and supplements for good skin.

good diet for good skin

Essential Habits for Good Skin

There are several essential habits for good skin you should apply to your daily routine, here are some of them:

  • Cleanse Before Bed: Cleansing is an important part of any skin care routine. The majority of women wear makeup during the day and it picks up free radicals from the environment. Even if you don’t wear makeup, the skin collects dirt and dust throughout the day. This as well as sebum and sweat are absorbed into the skin. When you don’t cleanse the skin before going to bed, you expose the skin to free radicals which damage the healthy collagen which results in wrinkles and fine lines. Failure to cleanse also clogs the pores with oils and makeup which makes you susceptible to enlarged pores, acne and a variety of other skin issues. 
  • Get Plenty of Sleep: Studies have discovered that there is a distinct link between sleeping patterns and skin conditions. It has been found that people who suffer from sleep disorders are more susceptible to conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Therefore, you should aim to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.

good sleep for good skin

  • Moisturize Your Skin: There is more to applying a moisturizer than aesthetic purposes. It is an essential part of skin care because the skin is exposed to the harsh environment more than any other part of the body. This causes a loss of moisture and dryness. Using a moisturizer replenishes the skins lost natural oils and moisture. Well moisturized skin is brighter, smooth, soft and more youthful looking. On the other hand, skin that is lacking in moisture is dull, scaly, dry and unattractive to look at. 
  • Exercise: While exercising is mostly associated with weight loss, it also promotes youthful looking and healthy skin. Exercise enhances blood circulation, when you jog, walk or cycle, blood flow in the body is increased, this makes it easier for nutrients to be delivered to the skin cells which further nourishes the skin. Additionally, when blood is efficiently flowing through the body, it promotes detoxification which results in a better complexion. 

Essential Diets and Supplements for Good Skin

  • Drink More Water: The body is made up of more than 50% water; and for it to function effectively, it requires water to ensure that all organs within the body work properly. Water keeps the skin properly hydrated which helps it to maintain a soft, glowing and youthful appearance. 
  • Fruit and Vegetables: You should consume at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day. They are made up of powerful antioxidants which protect the skin from the free radicals that cause cellular damage. Free radicals cause age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. As they say, variety is the spice of life; therefore, sprinkle your diet with a range of fruits and vegetables such as spinach, papaya, kale, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. 

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  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the many super antioxidants required to promote radiant skin and support the immune system. Vitamin C is available in food sources such as sweet potatoes, strawberries, papaya, oranges, kiwi fruits, guava, broccoli, blueberries and blackcurrants. However, to ensure that you are getting the right amounts, you can also take vitamin C as a supplement. 
Selenium: Selenium is another powerful antioxidant that works in conjunction with other antioxidants such as vitamin C and E. Not only does it help to support the immune system, but studies have also found that it protects the skin against age spots, sun damage, and skin cancer. You can boost your intake of selenium by 4 Brazil nuts per day, which provides the recommended daily amount. Selenium is also found in broccoli, tomatoes, wheatgerm, eggs, shellfish and fish.

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