Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin in Summer

Find a skin care routine for dry summer skin that works for you this summer.

Global warming is taking its toll on absolutely everything, not the least of which is your skin! With hotter weather and less moisture in the air, our skin bears the brunt of the burn. The earth is becoming increasingly scorched in some places, and your skin suffers no less than the environment. A hotter, dryer environment offers less protection against dehydration and desiccation, as well as the increase in ultraviolet radiation levels because of atmospheric changes.

Merely through the hot sun's rays, ultraviolet and gamma rays resting on the surface of your skin, your skin surface heats up. Body heat and external heat sources like sunshine, being in a hot environment or place, causes evaporation of the moisture on the surface and in the top layers of your dermis.

Get into water often

Whether it’s a shower, a luxurious mineral spa or a dip in the lake or river, being submerged in water for reasonable amounts of time can help your skin to hydrate immensely depending on the chemical makeup of the water. Spending too long in a pool with chemicals, whether that be chlorine or salt, can have a post-pool dehydration effect on your skin. Harsh pool chemicals can cause other mild irritations to sensitive skin causing hives, itching and eczema. 

Swimming in a natural mineral spring, river or lake, on the other hand, can hydrate your skin if the acidity/alkalinity is of a neutral PH. 

Layer moisturiser on heavily immediately after stepping out, preferably on your damp skin.

Create a spa experience in your bathroom


  • Run a bath and add a generous squirt of moisturising skin lotion and bath salts containing magnesium. This improves your micro-circulation and will relax your muscles helping your skin to regulate its water content.
  • When choosing shower soaps and gels, invest in refreshing aromatherapy, natural products and moisturizing soaps without actual ‘soap’ which can be harsh on younger or sensitive skin. Finish your shower with a spurt of cold water. The cool water is better for hydrating your skin than an excessive amount of hot water.
  • A great tip is to step out of the shower into a bathrobe, instead of towel drying, and moisturize your body from head to toe, rubbing some of the water droplets into your skin along with your body lotion.
  • Slap on a hydrating face mask containing soothing plant extracts and a water based liquid matrix.


Moisturize all day


When you step out of fresh water (lake, spring, shower), slap a healthy amount of water-based moisturizer on your skin as soon as possible. When you dry off your skin do a gentle pat of your skin to remove excessive amounts of liquid. Leave a little behind  rather than giving it an exfoliating, sandpapering scrub. Be gentle with your skin, you are not scrubbing a floor. Your skin has to last you till you shove off this mortal coil, so treat it like the lifelong friend that it is.

Use water based cosmetics, lotions and skin creams. Moisturization is essential for skin elasticity and cellular membrane integrity. With insufficient water you cells, the your tissues, then your organs begin to strain.

Keep your liquid intake high


I'm not referring to your drinks after work variety either... . Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your cells, including your skin cells. Pure water and electrolytes like flavored and vitamin waters can help with hydrating all your body's cells and tissues. Skin benefits the most from optimal hydration, and the effects of hydration can be seen in your skin. Smooth, elastic, clear, glowing skin will knock years off your appearance and make you look spring fresh all summer!

Make a moisturizing spritz or spray


Water is essential on the surface and top dermal layers of your skin, especially around mid-day and mid-afternoon when the sun's rays are at their strongest. This is more important if you are engaging in outdoor physical activity, especially if you are outdoors in dry heat, work outdoors or are engaging in any outside, unsheltered activity – even if it isn't the training schedule of a track athlete, we all still need to keep our water and electrolyte levels healthy to get the most out of your muscles.

Keep a spray bottle filled with pure water with some slices of cucumber floating inside it, or infused with mint leaves, rosemary or lavender flowers, to regularly spritz your skin.

Use hydrating skin-care products specifically for dry skin


Skin creams and lotions are made for specific skin types. Virtually every label and product packaging will announce somewhere on the outside that the concoction is for oily, dry, combination or normal skin. Read the ingredients and opt for lotions that are water based, have a neutral PH, contain fruit, vegetable or other extracts of hydrating ingredients like avocado or cucumber which will help retain water in the top dermal layers of your skin, which is where the dryness starts.

A few simple changes to your skincare routine, and choice of products can make a decade’s difference in the appearance and healthy hydration of your visage. Spritz, spray and drink it all in!

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