Top Cosmetologists Tell All About Almond Oil For Face

The use of almond oil on your skin is something that has been known about for some time. Numerous studies have shown that it is indeed beneficial, but then it still has to be explained as to why it is so good.

So, for that, the best approach is to look at what the benefits are and the way in which it’s viewed by top cosmetologists. If they all agree that it helps, then why would you expect anything else to apply?

almond oil benefits for face


Benefits of Almond Oil For Face 

What we have here are 11 different benefits of almond oil for face skin. Now, while there’s no guarantee as to the extent to which you will benefit by using it, do remember that scientific research has shown that this is not some crazy notion. Instead, it is grounded in fact.


It’s High in Vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been associated with improving the health of your skin according to various cosmetologists, and it turns out that almond oil is high in this vitamin. What you find is that Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. This is useful as oxidative stress and free radicals on your skin are the main cause of a reduction in the quality of collagen.

almond oil benefits for face

What this then means is the health of your skin deteriorates. Vitamin E helps to combat that, and it also offers some protection to your skin from UV rays although don’t think it will replace your sunscreen.


It Also Contains Vitamin A

Another great benefit of almond oil for face skin is that it also contains Vitamin A. This can be highly beneficial for you face as Vitamin A is one of the tools that is used in order to fight back against acne.

almond oil benefits for face

The way in which Vitamin A in almond oil helps is by the way in which it helps unblock the pores of the skin. By doing so, it stops the build-up of all that nasty oil and grime that then leads to both blackheads as well as acne.


It Stops Your Face Looking Dry

almond oil benefits for face

Almond oil also contains fatty acids, and they too will play a role in helping to improve your skin. These fatty acids, when applied to the face, will help lock in moisture. A number of products that you put on your skin may very well dry it out, and this leads to an increase in both irritation as well as your skin looking dry.

Almond oil counteracts that, and it does so in an entirely natural way.


It Removes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Having dark circles under your eyes is not a nice look to have. Thankfully, almond oil is there to help. Using almond oil for face at night should really form an integral part of your nightly routine.

almond oil benefits for face

Massaging some almond oil under your eyes before going to bed will allow the Vitamin E to get to work with rejuvenating the skin. Often, those dark circles is due to the skin being thinner in that area, so the Vitamin E will combat this. Also, it is known to help tighten the skin due to the way in which it boosts collagen production, so you should see a huge difference in a number of ways.


It Can Remove Dead Skin

By mixing a few drops of almond oil with sugar in order to make a scrub, you will then discover that almond oil is amazing at helping remove dead skin. This is something that should be completed on a semi-regular basis as that dead skin will make your face look dull and lifeless.

almond oil benefits for face

At the same time as removing the dead skin cells, it also means that the almond oil will find it easier to get into your skin leading to the added moisture that can then reduce the chances of those dead skin cells building again.


It Helps Fight Eczema

almond oil benefits for face

If you suffer from eczema on your face, then applying some almond oil to the affected area is going to result in an improvement. This is due to almond oil also being an emollient. It will not only soothe the skin but also reduce irritation and dryness. As this is a major contributing factor to this particular condition, it makes sense that almond oil can then either help with either controlling the condition or helping to at least partly cure it.


It Has An SPF Figure

We mentioned earlier that almond oil protects against the rays of the sun, but this is something that does require a greater sense of clarity.

almond oil benefits for face

In general, almond oil has an SPF of 5 which may not be very high, but it does at least offer some protection. Considering UV rays still affect us even when the sun is hiding behind clouds, it may be the perfect solution on those cloudy days. At the same time, it can also help reduce the damaging effects of the sun which is a main reason why it needs to be applied on a daily basis.


You Can Remove Makeup

almond oil benefits for face

If you are wary of using various chemicals to remove makeup, then almond oil will come to the rescue. It does this by opening up your pores which then results in it being easier to remove makeup as nothing can effectively become trapped.

Also, as it’s soothing and a non-irritant it will be suitable for any skin type.


It Can Heal Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are both sore and annoying. The discomfort that they can bring means you will always want to find something that is capable of bringing relief.

almond oil benefits for face

Natural almond oil is the perfect cure and treatment for this issue. The vitamins contained within the oil will help to heal those lips. Also, the moisturizing components of the almond oil will make a difference and you only need to dab on a few spots for it to help.


Reduce Those Wrinkles and Fine Lines

People are always looking for ways to reduce wrinkles and fine lines with a number of different methods and ideas out there on the market. One additional option is to use almond oil.

almond oil benefits for face

By massaging a few drops into your skin, it means you will benefit from it in a number of ways. First, the massage will improve circulation in the area. This has been shown to help with those fine lines and wrinkles. Next, the almond oil will hydrate the area and puff the skin back out and that is what’s going to remove those wrinkles.


It Will Soften the Skin

If we are honest, we don’t want the skin on our face to feel hard. It also doesn’t look good either.

almond oil benefits for face

By applying almond oil to your skin on a regular basis, it will lead to your skin becoming softer over time. This will then help slow down the signs of getting older as your skin will remain rather buoyant.


Almond oil is beneficial for your body in a number of other ways. However, the 11 benefits listed above should certainly be enough to encourage you to give it a shot. You really do not have anything to lose.

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