Why Do I Have Dark Spots On My Face?: Best Mature Skin Bloggers Answers

Noticing that you have dark spots on your face will often make you stop in your tracks and wonder just how exactly this has happened. There’s a good chance that they have crept up on you and suddenly appeared, and that then leaves you searching for answers on what to do next.

Nobody wants them to happen to them, but then you may be put off by looking for answers from women that are decades younger to you. After all, their skin is in a different state, and you may wonder if their advice would work just as well for you.

So, for those women who are more mature in their years, we have looked at the best answers for mature skin in order to provide you with the help you need.

dark spots on face

Why Do I Have Dark Spots on Face? Clear Answer.

dark spots on face and why

Let’s cut to the chase, there are various reasons as to why you may have dark spots on your face. Of course, understanding the causes will then make it easier for you to go ahead and get the correct treatment and to prevent them from returning.

What Exactly are Dark Spots?

what are dark spots

With dark spots on face or any other parts of your body, what you are seeing is a change in the pigmentation of the skin cells in that area. This is potentially caused by a number of different things and even though they are going to annoy you by their appearance, they are not going to be anything to worry about from a health point of view.

However, there are rare occasions where they can indicate a different health issue going on underneath the surface. That means you should go to your dermatologist if you do have any concerns or if they do not appear to be fading no matter what you try to do.

Caused by Sun Damage.

dark spots due to sun damage

The leading cause of dark spots on face skin is sun damage. Even though we are always being told to cover up and use a good SPF, we are guilty of not exactly following those rules.

What is happening is that the UV rays are encouraging the skin cells in that area to produce too much melanin, which then leads to these dark spots. Think of this as a very small area getting more of a sun tan than others, but then if you fail to do anything to them they will not exactly go away on their own even though they are primarily nothing to worry about.

Changes in Hormones.

skin spots due to changes in hormones

Changes in hormone levels can cause all kinds of problems, and the development of dark spots on your skin is just one of those ways. What is happening in this instance is that you may be developing a condition called melasma.

With this, you have very small patches of pigmentation on your skin, and that results in those dark spots appearing. Once again, they are generally not going to be something for you to worry about, but it’s best to get your hormones checked out if it has indeed been caused by this.

Skin Conditions.

skin spots due to eczema

There are a number of different skin conditions that could potentially lead to the development of these dark spots on your skin. Eczema, psoriasis and even acne can result in these dark spots appearing. At this point, it is caused by inflammation in the skin as a reaction to the irritation. In order to effectively treat these dark spots, you need to get to the root of the skin condition and then treat that accordingly.


skin spots due to diabetes

One side effect of diabetes often overlooked is the way in which it can cause dark pigmentation on parts of your skin. Once again, this is due to irritation and stress your body is under due to the issues with insulin.

How to Deal with the Condition.

hwo to deal with skin conditions

While serious medical problems related to these dark spots are rare, you still want to know how to deal with the condition as best you can. Of course, you do have the option of trying to cover them up using makeup, and that will be effective. However, that is a very temporary solution to the problem and you aren’t getting down to what lies behind it all.

Use Sunscreen.

use sunscreen

Using sunscreen is preventative, but then you don’t want new dark spots appearing on your face. Make sure you use something with SPF 30. There’s no need to go any higher as the increase in protection is minimal.

Get Your Health Checked.

skincare for spots

As we mentioned the possibility of hormone issues or diabetes, it stands to reason that you may want to also consider getting your general health checked. As we have also stated, the chances of it being linked to this remain small, but it certainly won’t hurt for you to take some time checking it out.


Cosmetic Procedures.

skin treatments for spots

There are a plethora of cosmetic procedures that can be used to deal with the issue of dark spots on face, arms or hands. Procedures such as microdermabrasion or laser light therapy have been shown as highly effective.

Laser treatment targets the build-up of melanin in the skin that is causing the dark spots. It breaks it up with the result being that it basically shatters the dark spots and they vanish. Microdermabrasion is going to break up the upper layer of the skin and this then encourages the development of collagen. Due to removing the upper part of the skin, the new skin that appears is going to reduce the impact of those dark spots.

As you can see, there are a variety of answers. Now, when you ask yourself questions such as why do I have dark spots on my face, that you know the reason why. Remember that they can affect anybody, and you are not alone if you do indeed have them on your face. The best way to approach this is to go ahead and try out some of the different cures and see the way in which they can help. You may be surprised at the end of it all.

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